Book Review-A Book of Spirits and Thieves

After reading Falling Kingdoms (or at least books 1-4), I decided that I was a Morgan Rhodes fan.  Since I found myself without a book to read, I decided to invest in another of her series, Spirits and Thieves, the first book being A Book of Spirits and Thieves.  It was different from Falling Kingdoms, though the stories are related.  I loved it.

The setting is much more modern, most of the story taking place in modern times in Canada.  It’s a fresh, new perspective from Rhodes, and really well done.  Most of the cast of characters are new, however, we learn a lot about Mytica, and there are small links between this and Falling Kingdoms.  The linking of the two series is awesome, and I look forward to seeing how it ends.

The story is narrated by three characters, two in modern day Canada, one in Mytica.  Each character is very different, and throws something different into the mix.  Rhodes clearly created a well-balanced set of characters.

Finally, the story is not the unpredictable-Game-Of-Thrones style story, but it isn’t too predictable and still has great reveals.

I highly recommend it, whether or not you’re a fan of Falling Kingdoms.


Book Review-Falling Kingdoms Book 4: Frozen Tides

Being a huge Game of Thrones fan, I’ve always been excited about the Falling Kingdoms series, which in my mind, is like a teen-safe version of Game of Thrones.  But I have to say, after reading this book, I don’t think I’ll be able to wait for the next book.  The story was amazing.  The character development was amazing.  The romance was amazing.  And the unpredictability was possibly the best part.

Frozen Tides holds your interest for its entire duration, constantly keeping you on your toes due to all of the twists and turns.  Many of the twists are a result of the characters, who constantly realigning sides.  (I won’t spoil, but be prepared for surprises).

Romance was also a prevalent part of the novel.  One of the major characteristics of Rhodes’s writings that I love is definitely the way that she does her romance.  It is never overdone, but is much more interesting and subtle.

Finally, I really felt the “teen version of Game of Thrones.”  Anyone can die, anyone can come back to life.  Constant political intrigue.  Many character points-of-view.  It was all there, but in a much less complicated (and violent) package.

All in all, I would highly recommend this series, and I hope that you find it as enjoyable as I did!