Book Review: The DaVinci Code

My latest book, “The DaVinci Code”, a Dan Brown piece, was definitely a winner.  Over 500 pages, it relays the fictional story of Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor, who goes to Paris to give a lecture, and is dragged into an adventure of great intensity.  Full of conspiracy theories, varying perspectives, and unusual discoveries, it is a must-read.  It ends with a dramatic discovery, mixing history with mythology, and is perfect for all teens and adults.

Review- 9/10

If you liked it you should read- The Lost Symbol, Inferno


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The DaVinci Code

  1. […] The DaVinci Code ( […]

    • Interesting words. I have never watched the movie, but I enjoyed reading the book. I agree that there is a lot of religious controversy, and it is a little bit awkward to discuss the one topic that most people don’t want to discuss: religion. I personally do not care, but I know that a lot of people do. The DaVinci Code is just about that, religious controversy though, and its not completely blatantly false, what the author’s talking about. I did a little bit of research because I had never heard of the Mary Magdalene theory, and of course, I actually studied the painting for myself. IT actually is true, there is a woman in the painting and her clothing does match Christ’s. And turns out that these theories expressed in the book do actually have some support behind them. I would like to actually do more research on this to figure out my standing point on the theory.

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