Book Review: The Wizard Heir and The Dragon Heir

I just reviewed the first book in this series, The Warrior Heir, and I have mixed feelings about these books.  On one hand, The Wizard Heir was fantastic.  Totally worth reading, exciting, with lots of, but not too unexpected, plot twists, good character development, likable characters, and a good ending.  It is as good, better in some ways, than The Warrior Heir.  But The Dragon Heir…  There was a great beginning and middle, but the end?  There were some likable characters, like Jason Haley and Nick Snowbeard, that we’re killed.  And there was no real mourning, and plus, he died so anticlimactically!  The first time I read it, I didn’t even notice it!  And then the book just ended.  And of course, the ending just slams a bunch of info and plot right on top of you.  I thought the ending was very disappointing, and some great characters were killed in very anticlimactic and bad ways.  So, all in all, a disappointingly bad ending for such a promising series and author.

The Wizard Heir- 8/10

The Dragon Heir- 4.5/10

If you liked this, you should read- Chronicles of Nick, Kronos Chronicles


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