Book Review- City of Heavenly Fire

I must admit, though I am not a fan of the Mortal Instruments Series, this conclusion to the series was very promising and satisfying.  Clare did manage to pull together the series, and lead in to her new series- The Dark Artifacts, soon to be published.  Though the earlier book had a lot of out of context romance, this book managed to keep most of the romance in context.  Also, the protagonist, Clary, was much stronger, and fought for herself, rather than being foolish, as she was in some of the other books, mostly City of Lost Souls.  We also saw a wonderful connection between the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices, as well as the connection to Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn, the main characters of the Dark Artifacts.  The flaws definitely had to include some of the purposeless deaths, like Jordan Kyle and Raphael Santiago, and the loss of Simon’s memory, which was a great sacrifice, but in about five pages, was already resolved.  Resolving the loss of memory was definitely a good idea, but probably should have been done earlier.  Altogether, however, Clare did an excellent job with the conclusion, and has definitely created an excitement for the new series, the Dark Artifacts.

Review: 7.5/10

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Quote of the Week 6/22-6/28

“Is it important to be right or is it important to do what’s right? That’s one of the hardest lessons to learn.”

-James Patterson, The Angel Experiment

Book Review- Maximum Ride: The Fugitives

Maximum Ride: The Fugitives features three books: The Angel Experiment, School’s Out- Forever, and Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports.  All three are pretty good books, but they are not without flaws.

The positives: They are definitely all extremely engaging, and the characters are well developed, and can be seen as having internal conflicts, and not the weak ones either.  Max, as the main character, is a strong female character, portrayed with all of the leadership skills necessary to lead her “flock.”  She suffers from all of the correct internal conflicts: choosing between herself and her flock, making the right decisions to allow them to survive, and deciding when to risk her life.  These are all necessary and not weak conflicts.  Also, other characters, like Fang, especially since he was given narration towards the end of the series, were given some development.  The stories also hold your interest throughout the three books.  It was definitely the kind of book that was hard to put down.  The conveniently short chapters bounce from enemy, to conflict, to dilemma.  There are very few slowed down points, and it is definitely ready to jump into the next series, The Protectors.

The negatives- Some of the drama starts to get a little bit weak after reading it for the fiftieth time.  I must admit, after seeing Max and Fang kiss and have a conflict for the third time, it started to wear a little thin.

However, the series has many merits that outweigh the conflicts, so it is definitely a good series.

Review: 8.5/10

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Book Review- Seraphina

If you’ve ever read any dragon book, you know this: dragons are scaly, large, and mystical flying creatures that often accompany a human in their travels.  They can be good or evil, but they always have one purpose: assist a character, and be their loving companion.

This book takes a completely different spin on dragons.  What if a dragon was an actual character?  What if they were the protagonist, instead of their companion?  This new view is evident in Seraphina.

With this amazing twist, there is also a lot of good plot development, external and internal conflicts, plot twists, and just general engagement for the reader.  Seraphina is a great main character, and she shows the strength that a good protagonist should.  Lucian Kiggs, Glisselda, Orma, and Claude Dombegh, however, show the most character development.  They all grow throughout the story, just like Seraphina, which makes the story even better because a reader can see the development of other characters, not just the protagonist.  The plot twists are engaging, especially since throughout the story, there are questions on who some of the characters, namely the garden statues, are.   The conflict between humans and dragons, as well as the conflict with Seraphina’s romance, are very powerful, and don’t seem foolish and childish.  Overall, the story manages to capture your attention with many excellent characteristics, and is absolutely worth reading.

Review: 9.5/10

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