Book Review- The Enchanter Heir and The Sorcerer Heir

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Previously posted on this blog was a review of The Warrior Heir, and then a combined review of The Wizard Heir and The Dragon Heir, all of which were a part of the Heir Chronicles.  They made up the initial trilogy of the series.  Later, Cinda Williams Chima wrote two more books to make a second part of the Heir Chronicles.  As you have already guessed by now, these two are The Enchanter Heir and The Sorcerer Heir.  

The Enchanter Heir

I must admit, I was not a fan of the ending of the first Heir Chronicles Trilogy, and was not eager to start the second part of the series.  However, once I got started on The Enchanter Heir, I thought that the plot was really interesting and attention-capturing.  There are a lot of details, but not so many that the story gets overcomplicated.  I will say though, that at the beginning of the story, I was a little confused as to what was going on.  I thought that the Thorn Hill catastrophe and some of the terms used, like savants, could have been explained a little bit earlier to make them more clear to the reader.  Also, I was not a fan of the excessive romance between Emma Greenwood and Jonah Kinlock.  I liked both characters initially, but the constant pining for each other was a little sickening.  Plus, the constant references to how Emma was smart and not foolish at all were just ridiculous.  Obviously, she is extremely foolish because, come on, the guy releases toxins from his skin, and despite all his efforts to push her away, she still keeps trying.  It is the epitome of teenage romance drama, and that definitely got in the way of the intriguing plot.  However, the cliffhanger ending was definitely promising, and after reading The Enchanter Heir, I was definitely looking forward to the October 21st release of The Sorcerer Heir.

Review- 7.5/10

The Sorcerer Heir

Within a couple of days of the release of The Sorcerer Heir, I headed out to the local Barnes & Noble and bought the cover.  First off, I have to say that the cover is beautiful.  Cinda Williams Chima, or whoever works on the book covers, does an excellent job of designing them.  After spending sufficient time looking at the cover, I started reading.  It starts off with a bang, since there’s a murder scene in one of the first chapters.  Unlike in The Dragon Heir, I actually approved of the killings in this book.  The death of Grace Moss definitely got the characters moving.  I also liked a lot of the storyline in this book as well, with the whole Gwyneth Hart- Lilith Greaves connection, the poisoning by Tyler, and Alison as the murderer.  Once again, however, Chima wraps the whole story in so much romance that its really annoying.  Also, she continues to write weak endings for her book.  Emma just leaves, and after all of the romance, there is nothing but a comment on how “Memphis is smoking hot.”  I was not a fan, and found that a little disappointing after all of the well-written plot.  Finally, what’s up with Rowan DeVries?  I was not a fan of how much he seemed to change sides.  “Hey, look Rowan’s a murderer!”, then “No wait, actually someone tried to kill him, so now let’s have him help us!”  It was a little ridiculous.  It is definitely worth reading, but it is far from one of my favorite books.

Review- 7/10

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