Book Review- Falling Kingdoms (Books 1-3)

Finding these books literally made my day.  As soon as a saw them, I immediately looked at the back cover to see a brief summary, and found a review.  This review said that the series was basically a teenage version of Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire).  As stated in an earlier post, this series is literally one of the most amazing (and complex) things on the planet.  And I have to say after reading the first three books, which are the only three that have been published so far, I have to agree.  It definitely focuses on some of the same plot ideas, and is really written quite well.

The first book is titled Falling Kingdoms, and mostly focuses on the fall of really two of the three kingdoms, Auranos and Paelsia.  It has a lot of intrigue, murder, and magic, and is a very good attention capturer.

The second book, Rebel Spring, focuses on rebellions and uprising that result from the takeover, and the death and tyranny that results from that.  It is also a very good read.

Gathering Darkness, the third book, is a continuation of the first two books, with switching of sides, the introduction of a lot more magic, and perhaps even a little romance.  I think that this one could possibly have been the best of the three.

Now for the details.  I have to say, one of the really important characteristics of a good book is appreciation of the characters.  And I am a fan of the characters.  Cleo, the princess of the fallen Auranos is a great female character, with a lot of good development to a more mature and brave person.  I am also a really huge fan of Magnus (could possibly be my favorite character?), because of his change and character development over time.  The third really main character is Jonas, and I think he would be my least favorite of the three.  Honestly, now that I think about it, he has minimal character development.  And then there’s Lucia.  She really dramatically changes, and I have to admit, is a little ridiculous at the end.  However, in general, I’m a fan of the main characters.  The secondary characters are also pretty good, like Nic, King Gaius, Ashur (what is up with him???), and Ashara.

I also really enjoy the way that the plot keeps you on your toes, and how it involves a lot of quality intrigue and mystery.  I have to agree with the comparison to Game of Thrones.  It is clearly targeted towards a younger age, but still follows similar ideas.  I can’t wait for the next one!

In conclusion: Read it!  If you are a younger fan of Game of Thrones, I’m sure you will love it 🙂

Rating- 8.5/10

Recommendations- A Song of Ice and Fire (in case I haven’t mentioned it enough)